Your Home Generator Specialist

Residential needs have never been so great as homeowners depend more and more on electrical power. Ice Storms, Hurricanes, electrical deregulation, and other man-made and natural disasters all threaten your electrical service.

A blackout could continue for hours or days. You can count on reliable performance from your Guardian emergency power system for as long as the outage lasts. And when utility power is restored, you can depend on a smooth, safe and automatic transition back to that power source. Your Guardian generator stands ready to respond to the next emergency.

The Guardian prepackaged emergency power system is a state-of-the-art electricity generating system designed for homes and small businesses. During a power failure, the Guardian starts automatically, within seconds it begins producing electricity for your home or business. You don't even have to throw a switch. We also offer the portable generator by Guardian.

The Guardian products have been engineered and built to meet the emergency power needs of the residential and light commercial customer. Over the past twelve years, Generac has built reliability and performance into the product to become a market leader in residential generators